A photo booth is a must-have for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah because when done correctly, they’re instant crowd pleasers. They give guests all the joy of a good selfie, with the added benefit of perfect lighting, a stylish backdrop, and a free-pass for the person with the longest reach to finally try a pose other than arm-awkwardly-outstretched-in-space. Plus, photo booths help party-goers connect in fun and spontaneous ways. They also send guests home with party-related gifts they’ll truly want to keep.

However, with the number of photo booth companies out there What can you do to ensure that you’re hiring the best one? Websites, Facebook pages as well as Instagram feeds all are excellent, but nothing beats a quick conversation with a vendor you’re considering. These 10 questions will make sure that you choose the best location for your next event.

1. Is your photo booth closed or open-air?

In general generally speaking, there are two types that comprise photo booths out there: closed and open-air. The first step on your journey towards photo booth perfection is finding an establishment that has the style of booth you’re searching for.

Closed booths are typically box-style, with all elements in a closed compartment. Open-air booths in contrast consist of components that are freestanding, typically including a camera, a printer, and a backdrop. Closed booths offer more privacy and are smaller in size; open-air booths provide flexibility. This versatility is what has the reason open-air booths have become so popular in recent times.

Open-air booths can be customized to fit any theme or style. Because you’re working outside the box, you can use backgrounds that vary from a simple green screen to simple and elegant curtains of color or pattern to custom three-dimensional designs. The open-air design of open-air booths also means that it is possible to fit more people in each frame than you can in closed booths. 10 is easy, 20 isn’t unheard of.

2. What kind of images does your photo booth produce?

They might be referred to as photo booths However, these booths are beyond taking photos. Select your own backgrounds (a like a the green screen), GIFs, Boomerangs videos, Slo-mo videos are all feasible depending on the booth you pick. If you’re planning to provide any of these options at your event, ensure sure the booth you choose is able to deliver, and then request examples. There is nothing that can tell you about what a booth’s quality like samples of previous work.

3. Is your booth Wi-Fi enabled?

Do you wish your guests to be able immediately text, email, Facebook or Tweet their photos? If yes, ensure you’re choosing an event that is Wi-Fi-enabled. However, be aware that the Wi-Fi capability of a booth is only one piece in the whole. Does your venue have Wi-Fi? In the event that it doesn’t, if you don’t know, make certain that you choose a photo booth vendor you choose can supply their own.

4. What kind of camera, printer and lighting do you have?

The type of camera, printer, and lighting that a booth employs are what determines the quality of the photos you take. Don’t worry, you don’t need become an expert in the field or know all the reasoning behind them and hows, all you need is to know what to look for.

Here are the responses you’d like to hear directly from the photo booth vendor. If a vendor answers “I’m not sure” to the what-kind-of-equipment-do-you-use question, interview over. Do not hire someone who doesn’t know the insides of their booth.

5. Do you provide booth attendants? How many?

“Yes” is the only answer that can be considered acceptable to this question. Having two attendants is standard. From crowd control to the management of props to troubleshooting, booth attendants are the key to photo booth success. It is important to ensure that the vendor offers an experienced operator to help guests enjoy their booth experience and handle any issues.

6. Do you provide props? What kind?

If you’re looking to include props to the photo booth fun, it’s crucial to think about a method of booking a vendor before making a decision. The quality and selection of props for your photo booth can vary significantly, so make sure to inquire with each vendor you talk to about their take.

Some vendors are either prop-less or encourage customers to bring their own. It can be fun or a bit daunting depending on the type of client you are and, either way, can add considerable cost to your budget. Other vendors lean towards two-dimensional paper props, whereas others are more inclined to 3D objects. Some provide standard prop selections with curated selections, and others completely custom. This means that you could end up having anything from grab-bag of mustaches and oversized glasses or a theme-specific choice that tells the individual tale of your event. In fact, there are some photo booths that allow you to add digital props and after effects on an LCD after your picture is taken!

7. What is an average set-up look like?

There are instances when a photo is worth the words. This is one such instance. Ask the vendors you interview for a picture of a typical event setup. The terms “professional,” “elegant,” and “modern” refer to different things to different people; by looking at a picture of a vendor’s setup, you’ll be able to assess for yourself and determine whether their style is appropriate for your needs.

8. How much space do you require?

Many booth styles, various layouts and different requirements for space. Does the booth you’re thinking of fit in your venue and at the exact location you envisioned? It’s essential to know the dimensions of each booth you vet, including dimensions like height.

When you’re planning an outdoor celebration Be sure to inquire about any special requirements the vendor might have. As with other types devices, photo booths need to remain within a specific temperature range in order to function properly and should be protected from the elements. A majority of booth owners require some form of overhead covering and a solid backing behind backdrops since direct sunlight is not ideal for photography and backdrops could become giant sails in the winds.

9. Are you insured?

This is a question for which “yes” is your only option you’d like to be hearing. Certain venues insist that all vendors are insured. But even if it’s not yours however, it’s better for everyone to have them. It’s not as unlikely as it sounds that accidents do happen, life can be a lot simpler when you’re covered.

10. What’s inside your package?

In the land of photo booths, it’s impossible to judge value on the price by itself. Be sure to inquire what services are included in the package you’re considering and also what additional options you’re able to put on. Below are a few key categories to check.

In the end

By answering these questions, you’re well on the way to selecting the ideal venue for your next event. Your guests will appreciate it. The Internet will likely be grateful, too. Do yourself a big slap to the side and prepare to have some fun!